DCS 9009 Extras

AED 92.00AED 515.00

A vintage look that never goes out of style

DCS 9009 from paulgali strives to do just that. Making the most out of DCS’s stock colors, this classic colorway comes to life with crisp doubleshot legends. The base kit is also being offered for ALPS switches, allowing for some fresh colors on vintage switches. The thinner plastic used in DCS allows you to feel the switch more while creating a unique sound profile.

Due to this being a classic colorway, colors were matched to GMK stock colors by using Signature Plastics stock colors. This comparison can be seen in the images to the left.

Images of the cherry legend keycaps, and windowed keycaps will be added to this listing prior to launch.

  • Base Kit
    • Cherry and WYSE
  • Alps Base Kit
    • Cherry and WYSE
  • Extensions
    • Cherry and WYSE
  • Row 5
    • Cherry and WYSE
  • Relegendables

A note from signature plastics:

Alps doubleshot keys are cosmetically difficult to mold. The stem doesn’t have much plastic to hang onto when we mold a first shot under the key, so your customers should be aware that too much removal of the key from the switch could result in the switch breaking (we can’t offer replacements for these).

The alps keycaps use MX stabilizers, which most modern alps PCBs have support for. The 2u relegendable keycap is POS style. The LED window placement is slightly different than shown in renders.